What can we do for you?

We provide an insight into our daily activities here. We work for you in all aspects of public and private life. Let yourself be inspired by our selected practical examples of how you too can enhance your environment with mature tree transplanting and tree care.

Flood protection Gunzenhausen

Child daycare centre in the district of Roth

New bridge construction in Koblenz

The Werksviertel Munich factory quarter

Erlangen urban densification

Burghausen Motorikpark motor park

Eichstätt open-air swimming pool

Bibliothèque nationale de France, Paris

Izmir Folkart Towers

Hamburg Hohe Bleichen commercial street

Waldkirch new seminar building

Budapest Zoo Biodome

Gothenburg railway tunnel part 1

Gothenburg railway tunnel part 2

Planegg urban densification

Nuremberg road construction

Munich office building

Business Campus Munich

Bayreuth Hofgarten park

Sundern, pin oak

Company premises

Roth, Gasthaus zur Linde hotel and restaurant

Schönbuch Golf Club

Coburg Hofgarten park

Berlin Lidl

Ansbach Hofgarten park