Superlarge tree-moving

Superlarge tree-moving

Opitz takes the next step. We use our innovative and worldwide unique procedure for large tree transplantation to replant any healthy tree – regardless of size.

Very large trees cannot be transplanted using the tree spade technique. We have developed special procedures in these cases to transplant ‘giant’ trees professionally, depending on requirements.

The procedure for large tree transplantation is divided into the following steps:

The first step in the process of large tree transplantation is to prepare a specialist report that considers the following aspects:

  • The situation on site
  • The suitability of the tree for transplantation

  • The feasibility of the tree for transplantation

  • The tree root development and root structure

  • Individual assessment of the extent to which the tree can be preserved

  • Proposal for the type of transplantation

The following important parameters can be determined based on this data:

  • The root ball size (between 3 x 3 m to 10 x 10 m)

  • Transport options and method of transport

  • Dig a trench to below the main root area to loosen and expose the root ball

  • Use additional measures to stimulate fine root growth: Fertilise, water, reduce the crown, protect the prepared root area.

These preparatory measures will ensure a compact and well-rooted root ball.

The tree transplantation process can commence once the root ball is well rooted following the preparatory measures described above.

The first step is to dig a circular trench around the tree to loosen the root ball and to create an access channel from one side. This creates an individual root ball, which is formed to fit to the size and local conditions of the tree.
This work takes 3 to 10 working days, depending on the location.

The new location is prepared once we have dug the trench around the original tree location. This is where you dig the hole for the roots and the access channel in a size appropriate for the tree you will be replanting. This provides an opportunity to work on the new subsoil to ensure the correct alignment of the tree.

Our team ensures adequate protection of the root ball when replanting mature and large trees. For this purpose, the root ball is supported on all sides with reusable materials to ensure the roots remain intact and fully preserved.

The packed root ball and tree can now be lifted and transported to the new location.
Depending on the conditions and transport route, the lifting and transport process can be carried out using a crane or an individually adjustable lifting system.

The result and the transplanting quality are identical with either method, and the selection criteria are essentially the access to the new location and the space requirements. The mobile crane cannot be used, for example, where access is limited or there is restricted space at the site.

The lifting system, however, is delivered in several parts, and can be used at practically any site, even where space is limited. The advantages of the lifting system are clear when transplanting large trees close to the existing site, whereas a mobile crane may be a better solution if you are transplanting trees over a longer distance.

Both transplanting methods are equally gentle on trees in terms of tree biology.

When planting large trees, the tree transported to the new location is placed in the hole that has been prepared. All the packaging materials and the subsoil are now removed – this process is unique, because only with the help of our system can we prevent cavities and establish a direct contact between the root ball and the subsoil of the new location.

Another advantage: Our packing materials are ecologically and economically sustainable, as they can be used several times.

The biggest interface between Opitz mature tree and Opitz large tree transplantation is aftercare and maintenance at the new site. This is carried out in the same way for both types of tree transplantation.

Focus on large tree transplantation

After thorough preparation, the tree is moved to its new location using the techniques appropriate for the tree.

There are so many good reasons for using the team at Optiz for your large tree transplanting projects

  • Healthy greenery can quickly enhance the environment
  • Optimum price/performance ratio
  • Professional execution and aftercare
  • Valuable climate protection

“It gives us great pleasure to see the trees we transplanted for our customers continue to grow and flourish in a healthy condition.”

Heike and Tom Braam