Aftercare for optimal regrowth

Intensive aftercare and maintenance are crucial after replanting to ensure optimal tree re-growth. The activities to carry out are divided into the following areas:

Rehabilitation zone

Immediately after transplanting, a rehabilitation zone is created around the pricked root ball to ensure aftercare for the tree in its new location. This is important for the further development and nutrient supply of the newly-planted tree.

To do this, dig around the main root area to prune the roots again, optionally add mycorrhiza and other growth promoters; if necessary replace the soil to improve the site. Then create a watering area around the tree, fill it with bark mulch or lava stone if necessary and install a trunk guard to protect the tree from the weather conditions.

Tree anchoring

Secure anchoring provides the necessary stability to ensure optimal growth of the transplanted tree. Without tree anchoring, the newly-formed fibrous roots would tear owing to trunk movements in windy conditions. The tree remains securely balanced when anchored.

Crown reduction

When reducing the crown, the volume of the crown is pruned proportionally to the reduced root system to provide the tree with optimal growing conditions.

Trunk protection

A tree is not optimally equipped for life in the city. The trees require specific protection if they are placed in an environment which is alien to their natural habitat.

Our trunk guards ensure that the trees are well shielded from mechanical damage, while still looking natural.


A tree requires sufficient quantities of water, particularly in the first years after transplanting. The extent of the watering depends not only on climatic conditions, but also on the size and location of the tree. Opitz international also carries out the watering and care of the transplanted trees if required.

Regular inspections

Further maintenance measures are carried out on a regular basis:
• Inspection of the anchoring
• Inspection for pest infestation
• Clearance of extraneous vegetation from the tree grates

Final works

Final works will be carried out following the successful growth of the tree. which includes removing the anchoring. If necessary, we carry out additional pruning and enlarge the tree grate.

There are so many good reasons for using the team at Optiz for your mature tree transplanting projects

  • Healthy greenery can quickly enhance the environment
  • Optimum price/performance ratio
  • Professional execution and aftercare
  • Valuable climate protection

“It gives us great pleasure to see the trees we transplanted for our customers continue to grow and flourish in a healthy condition.”

Heike and Tom Braam