About us

About us

With the experience of well over 1.8 million trees transplanted throughout Europe, we are your first point of contact for mature tree transplantation.

Opitz was created in 1964 as a classic landscape contracting company. Back then the founder, Dieter Opitz, started with a wheelbarrow and several hundred Deutschmarks in start-up capital. Since then we have grown steadily, and by 1971 we were already experts in mature tree transplanting and tree care.

“It gives us great pleasure to see the trees we have transplanted for our customers continue to grow and flourish in a healthy condition.” (Tom and Heike Braam)

Today we are the specialist in Europe for tree transplanting projects of any type and size. We use the machines developed by our company founder for mature tree transplanting, which are constantly being developed and considered the technological leaders worldwide.

You too can shape your living space and help us contribute to the preservation of our environment. Mature trees that have to be removed from their previous location due to construction work or for other reasons can, with our help, live on in another place, provide vital oxygen for us and be preserved for many future generations.

In terms of economy and savings, mature tree transplantation is also an excellent alternative to planting new trees. The costs to transplant a mature tree are only a fraction compared to the effort required to grow a seedling up to a mature tree. The tree survival rate of nearly 100% speaks for itself!

There are so many good reasons for using the team at Optiz for your mature tree transplanting projects

  • Healthy greenery can quickly enhance the environment
  • Optimum price/performance ratio
  • Professional execution and aftercare
  • Valuable climate protection

“The right solution for every tree!”