Tree maintenance

Tree maintenance by Opitz international

In addition to tree transplantation, we also full services to ensure healthy and strong trees.
Our range of services can be divided into the following main areas:

Site optimisation

Healthy trees only grow in healthy soil. We offer expert advice and appropriate measures to restore and maintain the natural balance of the soil.

General tree care

Trees that have not been transplanted also need care and maintenance. The specialist full service of Opitz international ensures that the joy of healthy greenery is maintained in the long term.

Tree/root protection

Structural changes can affect trees even if they are not transplanted. Here too, Opitz international helps to take the necessary measures in advance to protect and maintain tree health during and after the construction work.

Ground aeration

Trees also breathe through their roots. An inadequate supply of oxygen to the soil has negative effects on plant life. The targeted application of compressed air, reduces or eliminates the existing soil compaction, thereby improving the soil climate.

Nature will reward you with fresh and healthy greenery.


A mycorrhiza is the symbiosis of trees and a specific root fungus. The fungi form a hyphal network around the tree’s root tissue to enable an exchange of nutrients. The fungus depends on the tree to supply it with sugars via photosynthesis in exchange for water and mineral nutrients.

It also protects the tree roots from the penetration of pathogens and increases the tree’s resistance to heavy metals and other contaminants. This boosts the root growth to a rate of up to eight times faster.

Tree vitalisation

We use various substrates and substances to accelerate the growth of your trees and to also promote tree health. Each tree receives an individually composed nutrient mix based on the location and environmental conditions.  The tree will reward you with vigorous growth, healthy foliage and increased resistance to environmental influences and pests.

There are so many good reasons for using the team at Optiz for your mature tree transplanting projects

  • Healthy greenery can quickly enhance the environment
  • Optimum price/performance ratio
  • Professional execution and aftercare
  • Valuable climate protection

“It gives us great pleasure to see the trees we transplanted for our customers continue to grow and flourish in a healthy condition.”

Heike and Tom Braam