Superlarge tree-moving

Superlarge tree-moving

Opitz takes the next step. We use our innovative and worldwide unique procedure for large tree transplantation to replant any healthy tree – regardless of size.

Very large trees cannot be transplanted using the tree spade technique. We have developed special procedures in these cases to transplant ‘giant’ trees professionally, depending on requirements.

The procedure for large tree transplantation is divided into the following steps:

Focus on large tree transplantation

After thorough preparation, the tree is moved to its new location using the techniques appropriate for the tree.

There are so many good reasons for using the team at Optiz for your large tree transplanting projects

  • Healthy greenery can quickly enhance the environment
  • Optimum price/performance ratio
  • Professional execution and aftercare
  • Valuable climate protection

“It gives us great pleasure to see the trees we transplanted for our customers continue to grow and flourish in a healthy condition.”

Heike and Tom Braam