Aftercare and maintance - for healthy trees

After transplantation, intensive aftercare and maintenance are crucial.

Rehabilitation zone

Immediately after transplantation, aftercare will begin at the new location. A rehabilitation zone will be marked out around the planted root ball. This is important for the further development and nutrition of the freshly-planted tree.

Tree anchoring

Stable anchoring secures the tree and protects the new fibrous roots.


Tree pruning

The volume of the tree crown will be adjusted to the reduced root system. The tree span will be covered with bark mulch or lava rock.


In the first few years after transplantation water is even more important for a tree. The amount of water depends not only on the climactic conditions but also on the size and location of the tree.

Regular checks

Further types of care will be carried out on a cyclical basis:

  • Anchoring inspections
  • Pest monitoring / Monitoring for pest infestation
  • Keeping the tree span free of unwanted growth

Final tasks

When the tree has established itself successfully, the final tasks will be carried out. For example, the anchoring will be removed. If necessary, corrective pruning will be carried out and the tree span loosened.



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