Additional services

We can offer you a full range of tree services.

Location optimization

A healthy tree only grows in healthy soil. We offer technical/specialist advice and suitable courses of action to restore and maintain the natural balance of the soil.

Tree care

Non-transplanted trees also need care. Opitz-international’s competent all-round service ensures that you can enjoy your healthy greenery for a long time.

Tree and root protection

Site changes also influence trees that have not been transplanted. Here too, Opitz-international can assist in advance so that the necessary measures are taken to protect and maintain tree health during and after the construction work.

Soil aeration

Trees also breathe through their roots. When the soil receives insufficient oxygen, this has negative influences on the plant world. By administering compressed air, existing soil compaction will be reduced or eliminated, thereby improving the soil environment.

Nature will thank you by producing fresh and healthy greenery.


Mycorrhiza is the name for the symbiosis between trees and particular root fungi. The fungi form a hyphal network around the roots of the trees to enable an exchange of nutrients. The fungi are dependent on the supply of carbohydrates from the tree – in exchange it delivers water and nutrient salts.

Moreover, they protect the tree roots from the infiltration of pathogens and increase the tree’s resistance to heavy metals and other harmful substances.

Planting of large trees

Large trees are delivered at the site without any unloading vehicles. Opitz undertakes professional unloading and planting with its own suitable machines and equipment.



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Sonderschau "Baum-Generator"

Der Rundspaten Optimal 2500 am Lkw versetzt Bäume mit einem Stammumfang bis 80 cm.

Der Rundspaten Optimal 2500 am Lkw versetzt Bäume mit einem Stammumfang...more


Fachagrarwirte zu Gast

Der Rundspaten Optimal 3000 am Lkw versetzt Bäume mit einem Stammumfang bis 120 cm.

Die angehenden Fachagrarwirte für Baumpflege und Baumsanierung (GFB) der...more


Opitz international goes RoadStars

Pflanzmaschine und Trägerfahrzug perfekt aufeinander abgestimmt.

Pflanzmaschine und Trägerfahrzug perfekt aufeinander abgestimmt.more


GaLaBau 2018 - ein voller Erfolg !

GaLaBau 2018 - ein voller Erfolg!

Europas größte Fachmesse bricht alle Rekorde.more