About us

With our experience in transplanting over 1 million trees throughout Europe, we are the partner of choice when it comes to large trees.

„We are very pleased when we see that the trees we transplanted for our customers continue to grow and thrive.” (Tom und Heike Braam)

Design your living space and contribute, with us, to preserving our environment. With our help, large trees that have to be removed from their previous location due to building work or other reasons can continue to flourish at another place, supply vital oxygen and be preserved for many generations to come.

Also from economic perspectives, transplanting large trees is a sensible alternative to new tree planting.

The cost are only a fraction of the expense of cultivating a seedling until it becomes a large tree.

The 100% survival rate of our trees speaks for itself!

There are many good reasons why the Opitz Team should take care of your large-tree transplanting jobs:

  • Rapid upgrading of the environment with healthy greenery
  • Optimal price-benefit ratio
  • Professional workmanship and aftercare
  • Valuable climate protection



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    Dresdner Stadtbaumtage,
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    Bayerisches Baumforum Freising ,



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